Sunday, December 2, 2007

We're Still Working ...

We're still having Internet connection problems. My guess is that when the person at Qwest who knows how to fix these things shows up for work on Monday they'll be fixed. Or maybe not. Meanwhile, no progress there.

Lotus has been making progress, it appears, in the continuing saga of Dickie Scruggs. Any of you who guessed that somehow the overly-politicized nature of the Bush Justice Department had something to do with it may be right. It's a long tale, and it's probably best to just follow the link and read.

Speaking of drama, it looks like college football fans will have plenty to argue about. The No. 1 and No. 2 teams both lost yesterday, which means that they can't possibly be the two best teams in the country. Ohio State, who had the good sense to lose early in the season, is now number one. As sports columnist Dennis Dodd writes:

Six computers and 174 voters suddenly have to face this season's ultimate question.

Which two teams are less mediocre than the rest?

Two more upsets further muddy dirtiest BCS picture ever seen

I'll pass on whether this is the dirtiest BCS picture ever seen, since I know that sports columnists' memories are among the shortest, but it's certainly a tough call. Personally, I think the BCS system is just as daft as the one it replaced, but I seem to be in the minority. I'm not alone, however. Not surprisingly, there's an economics professor from Ohio State who disagrees with just about everything I just wrote. If the gargantuan PDF containing his paper ever downloads, I may actually read the thing.

Meanwhile, I've been reading on the Mosul Dam problem I mentioned last month. Hopefully, I'll have something on this soon. It's a whale of a story, that's for sure.

Enjoy your Sunday, and try not to trip over the cables.


Anonymous said...

Ya got a grateful flowah going on here, man.

Is this not the damnedest story, even in early days? Boy, what I'd give to hear the Saturday-supper/Sunday-dinner conversations all ovah the Magnolia State . . .

Glad to hear you're on the Mosul Dam beat too (I posted once or twice about it when that news first hit, but I'm looking forward to checking out an engineer's views -- right after supper).

Cujo359 said...

Might be a while after supper, lotus ;) Between what the ISP is (or is not) up to and my schedule over the next two weeks, it could be awhile. It's a tale, though, and not being a civil engineer I'm a bit behind the power curve, shall we say.

And yes, the Dickie Scruggs thing is fascinating, mostly because there are so many things about it that just seem wrong.