Friday, January 11, 2008

Football Isn't Quite Over Yet

[The Seahawk's Twelfth Man flag flies over some football monument in Seattle. Image credit: USA Today]

Let's see, it's January so this must mean the playoffs have started ...

Earlier this week, I was passing a video sales display area when I heard some vaguely martial-sounding dirge music, accompanied by a video of the Seattle Seahawk's Number Twelve flag. Based on this, I figured they'd lost. It turns out that they didn't, though. It seems that they're going to lose this week:

It would be nice, especially in a January game at Lambeau Field, if [Seahawks quarterback Matt] Hasselbeck could turn around and hand off to the great Shaun Alexander, but the great Shaun Alexander is a memory. Soon, the '07 Seahawks will be as well.

King Kaufman: NFL Divisional Round Preview

Apparently, they're particularly weak at the promotional video position.

One of the local Seattle papers intones:

But time is running out on Holmgren, who'll turn 60 in June. He's got the Seahawks in the postseason for a fifth consecutive year, heading to Green Bay on Saturday for a divisional playoff game where his team is an eight-point underdog.

It's fair to wonder if this is the last go for the Big Show in Seattle. He has one year remaining on his Seahawks coaching contract, but says he'll sit down with his wife, Kathy, and have a long discussion about his future when this season ends.

Holmgren will decide future once season ends

Which just goes to show that sports writers are just as good as lefty bloggers at taking a little piece of information and turning it into mass hysteria.

Last year, as the USA today explains, expectations were somewhat higher. Seahawk mania swept the land, and the Seahawks were in the finals - a game referred to as the "Super Bowl". Unfortunately, as King Kaufman noted, nothing is more fleeting than one's athletic prowess in a game people play by running into each other as hard as they can.

They'll be playing Saturday 4:30PM EST on Fox, according to Kaufman's column, and the PI articles. That's 3:30PM if you're anywhere near Green Bay, and 1:30PM out here on the West Coast.

Now you can enjoy the game as much as I will. Let's see, what happened to that Battlestar Galactica DVD?

UPDATE (Jan. 12): The final score of this game was Green Bay 42, Seattle 20. As I understand the rules, that means the Seahawks lost. Green Bay running back Ryan Grant ran for 201 yards and scored three touchdowns.

Presumably, someone will be taking the flag down soon.

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