Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Carnival's In Town

This month's Carnival Of Elitist Bastards is finally in town, a little behind schedule. The Carnival is a celebration of thought and science that Dana Hunter started a few months ago when she'd finally had enough of the specious charges of "elitism" that have been bouncing back and forth between politicians. Looks like guest host PZ Myers needed a little extra time to get in character, but in the end put in a good performance. Yours Truly has an act in the carnival.

Two articles from that list struck a chord with me. One was Decrepit Old Fool's Scientific Daydream, which laments the lack of good science education in elementary and high schools. It's a companion piece of sorts to Brian Greene's essay on science education that I reviewed a couple of months ago. The other was Efrique's article on Fighting Mathiness, which explains some ways that popular culture often gets it wrong.

So, head on over and check out what's in the other tents of our little elitist freakshow.


Dana Hunter said...

I can't wait to actually read this. While other people head to Sea Fair, I'm going to tuck myself into my chair and, for once, enjoy a COTEB that I didn't captain.

Would've enjoyed it LAST weekend, but SOMEONE was late *coughPZcough**.

If another captain is this late in getting the Carnival out, I shall strangle them with PZ's entrails.

Purely symbolically, of course.


Cujo359 said...

My years in theatre have taught me that you can never hurry actors or writers. Art happens on its own schedule.