Friday, July 25, 2008

NPR Finds Some Strange Bedfellows

Become a StrangeBedfellow and Hold Washington Accountable!

A late night hit alerted me that National Public Radio (NPR) is doing some research on Strange Bedfellows, the blogger campaign for FISA accountability. It turns out that yours truly has the number one article on that search at the moment.

It turns out that Martin Kaste has a report on us that will be out tomorrow morning (9AM EDT). It begins:

Bloggers across the political spectrum have been raising money in recent weeks in an effort to punish certain members of Congress for supporting a government surveillance bill backed by the White House.

Angry Bloggers On Left And Right Unite Over FISA

It mentions the television ad that was just placed in Chris Carney's district:

Opponents say it gives the president too much power to tap private communications without court oversight. That argument was made none too subtly by a TV ad that ran in the home district of Chris Carney, a Pennsylvania Democrat who supported the new FISA law.

"Chris Carney is surrendering to Bush and Cheney the same un-American spying powers they have in Russia and communist China," the ad says.

Apparently, the ad hit a nerve. A Carney spokeswoman called the ad a "smear campaign" and said NPR should not do a story about it. But the ad was paid for by Carney's fellow Democrats.

Angry Bloggers On Left And Right Unite Over FISA

Personally, I hope that burns for Rep. Carney. I was one of the folks who supported him, and now he's turned around and pissed on his country's citizens and the Constitution he swore to uphold. He deserves that "smear" and worse.

Targeting Carney also strikes me as good strategy. He represents a rather conservative district. It's possible he'll lose this election, and any ad that makes that more of a possibility is worth it. Only by making some of these people pay with their jobs are the others going to get the message.

Jane Hamsher gets the best quote, though:

"I'm very upset with my party right now," Hamsher says. "They were given the majority, and they have a 9 percent approval rating right now for a reason."

Angry Bloggers On Left And Right Unite Over FISA

It's telling that people think Congress is doing a worse job than President Bush. Bush sucks at his job, for reasons I've covered already. The Congress, though, hasn't missed a chance to do the wrong thing.

So don't forget, August 8th is the moneybomb date. If you haven't pledged yet, please do so. Of course, you don't have to pledge to contribute. If you want, you can let it be a surprise.

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