Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Price Of Freedom: Religious Expression

Over at her new home at Free Thought Blogs, Maryam Namazie wrote this:
Today, the [French] weekly [Charlie Hebdo] was firebombed for publishing a special edition on the Arab Spring and calling itself Charia (Sharia) Hebdo for the occasion. Mohammad was featured as the ‘guest editor.’

In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, Mohammad is being featured here as a guest blogger though I can’t really publish anything he’s written because it violates every anti-discrimination code in existence (to say the least!).

A photo will have to do.

A photo of Mohammad will have to do! (In support of Charlie Hebdo’s firebombing)
Ms. Namazie is no doubt right that there will be folks out there explaining how Charlie Hebdo brought this on themselves. Horse hockey. No one has the right to burn down a building because its occupants wrote something they don't like about them, unless they're burning down their own building. Even then, they'd better have a permit.

As I explained earlier, this numskull has the right to burn a Koran, just as I have the right to burn a Bible if I want, and this moron can burn a copy of The God Delusion if his reading skills are up to finding it. We all get to make fun of each others' beliefs, too. That's part of the price of freedom - seeing something you love or value mocked or ridiculed.

I'm not sure of the value of mocking someone's religion, although I'm perfectly happy to point out the parts of it I think are silly or senseless. I am absolutely sure, though, that anyone who hurts others or destroys their property because he is offended by what they say is utterly wrong.

Charlie Hebdo had the right to publish those cartoons without being threatened or assaulted. Anyone who lives in a free society who doesn't think that's true has no idea what freedom is.

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