Saturday, December 8, 2007

Greetings From Just West Of Oblivion

Image credit: Picture of the desert christmas cactus from National Biological Image Infrastructure.

I'm on the road this week, and will be most of the next, as well. The weather's much nicer here than it is in the Pacific Northwest right now, so I really can't complain. I miss the water, though.

Meanwhile, others are carrying on as though I'm not suffering from all this sunshine. Kevin Hayden wrote about immigration yesterday:

In the quest for human equality there’s a co-equal partner necessary to make it so: human integrity. Not the bottled kind, that is summarized in sacred scriptures then miscast by preachy sorts privy to conversations with Gods, but the tough kind. The kind that your mind wrestles with while your body’s occupied with the tasks of the day. And while your body tosses sleeplessly at night.

Marginalization, discrimination, exploitation: no mas!

Couldn't agree more. The level of hypocrisy in this debate is just short of ear-splitting. Anyway, read, and if you like what you read, you might want to consider supporting Kevin's blog.

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