Tuesday, December 4, 2007

While The ISP Works ...

My ISP is still working on the DSL issue. It still doesn't work very well. Meanwhile, for other reasons, I'll be posting on a spotty schedule for the next week and a half.

UPDATE: Lotus may have solved a mystery in the Dickie Scruggs saga. It's beginning to look like pride could have been a motive for Scruggs. The opposing lawyer seems to have gone out of his way to embarrass Scruggs:

That quote comes from [plaintiff John] Jones on what he says is the shabby way Dickie Scruggs treats business associates. I don’t yet understand why a court way down the road from Oxford in far-out-in-the-sticks Calhoun City (at least I think that’s where it is — various town and county names have flown by in different accounts) ended up with the case. Jones certainly did all that he could to make sure it be heard in Oxford:

In March 2007, Jones sued Scruggs and the other SKG partners. He specifically chose to bring the case in Oxford, where Scruggs lives and works, rather than in Jackson, where Jones does, in order to shame Scruggs, he says. (Oxford is about 160 miles north of Jackson.)

“I wanted a jury to hear it in Dickie’s backyard,” Jones says. “I wanted to ‘out’ this a little bit. I’d known he’d done this repeatedly to other lawyers, he and [Don] Barrett. They got them to do the work, but when the money came in, they’d just low-ball ‘em.”

Accordingly, Jones now supposes that if Dickie was involved in a bribery scheme (and he still says, “I did not think they had it in ‘em. I’d have bet they’d never do anything like that”), sending the case to arbitration — which would have at least shielded it from public view – might have seemed worth purchasing. “Mr. Scruggs would’ve been, in his public persona, highly offended by those allegations” being aired in public, Jones tells Parloff. “He has almost an obsession with image in the public.”

It Isn't What Clarence Darrow Would Have Done

These Southern gentlemen certainly take their honor seriously. Let's hope there are no dueling pistols within reach when this thing gets to court.

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