Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hypocritical Wanker of the Day Award: Rahm Emmanuel

Image credit: UNHCR [These are Iraqi refugees. Apparently, Rahm Emmanuel doesn't think they're trying hard enough.]

It took almost six months, but someone finally managed to knock Clear Channel off their perch ...

Rahm Emmanuel, as quoted by the Washington Post:

We've put about $45 billion into Iraq's reconstruction . . . and they have not spent their own resources," said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.). "They have got to have some skin in the game."

Bush to Cut Army Tours to 12 Months

This turd has been one of the leading cheerleaders for this war on the Democratic side. Given the utter absurdity of this conflict, I suppose I should expect nothing more out of him. Unfortunately, he still walks upright, so I do.

I'll just quote someone else for a moment, with some expository links added:

So this is a game? Over a million Iraqis dead, 4-5 million refugees? How much skin does Rahm think Iraqis should put up for his war? Does he wish more Iraqi children to die?
Now the U.S. Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, want Iraqi's to pay for the bullets that kill them.

Monsters in Congress - "Skin in the Game"

Now, I'll quote me:

Nevertheless, a pattern is obvious. Since the war began, refugee influx to the most likely destination countries, particularly the United States, has slowed to a trickle. If anything, it should have changed by orders of magnitude in the opposite direction given the number of refugees the war has created.

Iraq's Refugees

I suggest that if Rahmy wants more skin in this game, maybe he should set a good example. Fight to have more refugees resettled here, instead of fewer.

Bet he doesn't have the courage to do less than he expects Iraqis to do.

UPDATE (Apr. 16): Added illustration and caption.

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