Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Can We Miss You ...

How can we miss you when you won't go away?
Image credit: Bob Collins/Minnesota Public Radio

The Obama Administration resembles the Bush Administration more every day, and yet there are people in America who, it appears, miss having an inarticulate thug as the leader of their country:

A little more than a year has passed since the Bush administration limped into the history books. The legacies of the Bush era include two wars, financial collapse, Guantanamo Bay, a nationwide housing market disaster and economic dysfunction. But memories are short – so let the revisionism begin, via an advertising billboard.

Next to a highway outside Minneapolis, a billboard appeared (pictured, above) with the familiar smiling features of America's 43rd president, and the headline: "Miss me yet?" Time passed without anyone owning up to funding the billboard's appearance, and the mystery deepened. For obvious reasons, many people thought it was a joke.

Missing George Bush Yet?

Just as there were people in the former U.S.S.R. who were nostalgic for Josef Stalin, who may have managed to murder more of his people than Hitler did, there are people who long for the "good old days" here of bombing or invading any small country that pissed us off, and when it really was OK to hate people who were different from you.

Someone is conducting an online poll in which roughly 25 percent of the respondents say they miss Bush and his "certainty". (NOTE: It will be open for another day or so.)

Don't worry, folks, those days will be here again soon enough. The economic collapse your hero and his enablers engendered will be here for a generation thanks to Obama's cluelessness, and we'll probably be ruled by a string of tinpots until enough Americans learn to pay attention to what's important.

I don't miss George W. Bush, largely because his work endures.

(h/t P.Z. Myers)

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