Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Up With Health Care

So, you've probably been wondering, what's going on with health care? I think I can describe what's happening with a paragraph.

The President and the people who matter, none of whom are the liberals or progressives who object to it, got together and decided that since there was a big defeat recently that might have had something to do with health care, they should pass the bill that the voters didn't like. There was more polling this week that suggests that the key provisions of the "compromise" bill, which is mostly the Senate bill with minor changes [two links], are things that voters will punish Democrats for at the polls this year.

Meanwhile, the usual crowd of frothmouths is saying that the new bill is a wonderful piece of legislation worthy of our undying support. No doubt these same fools will be lambasting voters (and blaming progressives) come November when they turn out Democratic congressmen in large numbers. They'll blame everyone but themselves for their foolishness, as will the Democratic politicians they are trying to impress.

Well, that's two paragraphs, but you get the idea. As you can see, there's not much to write about, at least not much that hasn't been written already.


boukman70 said...

Yeah. The Teabaggers keep talking about how they want to get "true Conservatives" back in their party. I'm thinking we on the Left should think about getting True Progressives in the Democratic Party as well. And let the real feathers fly! I'm sick of watching both sides trying to appease their Corporate sponsors.

lawguy said...

You know I am sure of what Obama and Emanuel are doing to the democratic party, but what I wondre is what they think they are doing. I guess the question is how can they think that anything they are doing here with health care going to either help the party or really help the average person.

Cujo359 said...

What gets me is that, with the possible exception of nursing home care, this bill does nothing to make health care better for the average American. The increased Medicaid mandate is unfunded until 2014, there's still no real enforcement mechanism for the insurance regulations besides what I suspect will be a toothless agency that will evaluate rate increases, and there's no public option.

So yes, boukman70, I'd love to get real progressives back into the Democratic Party.

As for your question, lawguy, I have no special insight. I suspect they think that as long as the money and support rolls in from the special interests, Obama and Emanuel can handle the image issues. They may be right, given how short our attention spans are. They've moved much of the pain out three or more years in the future, when Obama no doubt assumes he'll be re-elected already.