Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Photo

This is one big honkin' log:
Image credit: Cujo359

In fact, to get enough resolution, I had to stitch together a panorama of this one. That's a full-sized flat car it's sitting on.

It's part of a The Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie, Washington. There are a number of railroad cars and locomotives there, which run from the late 19th Century through the 1970s. Here's a shot of some of the cars and locomotives that are waiting to be restored:
Image credit: Cujo359

If you're ever out there to check out the falls, you might want to spend an hour or two looking them over.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Enjoy your Sunday.


Suzanne said...

i thought i had seen some pretty big trees living in the redwoods -- that really looks like something i would expect to see down there. how kewl cujo -- thanks for the eye candy

Cujo359 said...

You're welcome. I think old growth in much of the northern U.S. was like that at one time. I remember seeing drawings of logging operations back in the Northeast in the late 18th or early 19th Century. There were trees almost that large back there, too. You won't find any now.