Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quote Of The Day

Image credit: OWS Posters

Expounding on an earlier statement about how the Occupy movements took months to change national discourse in a way that the Democratic Party hadn't done in years, Lambert Strether notes:
[I]t's not really fair to say that Occupy changed the discourse in months, since Occupy is part of a worldwide movement that took years of patient work to gain critical mass, was fueled by some who gave their lives, and built on successes in Morocco, Egypt, Spain, and the capitol occupations in WI and elsewhere. But dear lord, the D[emocrat]s and their enablers had nothing to do with it, and in fact fought it every step of the way. If the Ds had a single smidge of willingness to do the right thing anywhere in the bloated bodies and corroded souls they drag over the unprotesting earth there wouldn't need to be an Occupy in the first place.

MoveOn weasel and Obama lifer Ilya Sheyman tries to hijack Occupy brand in Illinois Tenth District House run
It's certainly true that some Democratic candidates, Ilya Sheyman being one of them, are trying to capitalize on the Occupy movements. I think it also goes without saying that Lambert's right, and the irony is nearly unbearable. There are probably Democratic candidates running somewhere who are worth supporting, and more who are at least worth voting for, but the supply of either is pretty meager these days. From his background and some of the quotes Lambert highlighted, I doubt that Ilya Sheyman is one of them. He strikes me as a young Barack Obama, minus having done something else for a few years besides politics.

(h/t Joyce Arnold for that Corrente link.)


Unknown said...

Of course the Democrats and their useful idiots (hello Stephanie Miller) are latching on the the Occupy "brand." What else would you expect from them? "We are the 99%" is a great slogan to wave around--and then ignore when you get elected.

Cujo359 said...

Certainly, anyone who has watched them operate and had any inclination to think skeptically would not be surprised. For the record, I'm not, either. ;) The Democratic Party these days resembles an advertising agency more than a political organization.