Monday, January 4, 2010

The Dodd Campaign Writes

Sen. Chris Dodd's campaign wrote a few days ago:

The end-of-quarter fundraising deadline is just hours away, and we need your help. Chris is ready to fight and we have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are ready to stand with him. But this is going to be an exceptionally tough race and we must have sufficient resources to compete against the special interest money that will flood into our opponent's campaign.

Simply put, we cannot win this without you.

So, I wrote back, but kept it simple this time:

Then I suggest the Senator and his fellow progressives shouldn't have voted for the dreadful health care "reform" bill that came out of the Senate. Because, quite frankly, I can't afford Senators who are willing to put party loyalty over the welfare of their countrymen.

I've reached this point, finally. No more second chances. Senators and Representatives who vote for the Senate bill, or anything close, will not find any support here. They'll be very fortunate to get my vote, if they're eligible for it.

Here's what I suggest anyone do who is dissatisfied with the performance of these people - when they ask you for money, tell them you can't afford them. Sooner or later, they'll figure it out. Hopefully, that will happen after some of them are out of office.

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