Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Quote of the day honors go to Steve Clemons, who neatly summed up the Obama Administration this way:

Only problem was that Obama's realists don't do realism so well -- and many on his team are not sold on the discipline and importance of national priority-setting that a realist, or progressive realist, approach requires.

Obama Needs To Channel Nixon

I've mentioned the lack of quality of Obama's foreign policy and economic teams. It's hard to be a realist when you can't tell what's real, and that's where Obama is now. He's chosen fools and crooks for advisers. That doesn't speak well for him. It also makes it harder to do anything realistic should he choose.

UPDATE: Runner-up quote of the day honors belong to Jane Hamsher, for this spot on quote about another of Obama's advisers:

“Tough” is knowing you’re going to take massive shit for standing up to powerful interests and then doing it anyway, because it’s the right thing to do — that’s what Obama told people he would do when he was running for President.

You’re not a tough guy if your first thought upon assuming the power of the Presidency is to use it to punish your enemies. You’re a cowardly, petty, small-minded thug.

I’m sure Rahm spreads the knife story around to promote the myth of himself as a rebel and a fighter, but most people experience “that guy” as a brown nose for power ready to rumble on behalf of the status-quo.

Rahm Emanuel: Liberals Are “F–king Retarded”

That Obama would choose such a person for his principle adviser should tell you everything you need to know about Obama's priorities, and his convictions.

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