Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Image credit: GWU National Security Archive

The document dump from the House Judiciary Committee inquiry into the U.S. Attorney firing scandal has begun in earnest. Supposedly, there will be at least 2000 pages of stuff to look at. Unfortunately, it's all just PDF files of scanned paper documents. It's not searchable, it's often obtuse, and it's frequently pretty boring to most folks. Even so, considering the predilictions of this Administration, there's probably gold in there somewhere.

To help make sense of it all Mash has launched the Gonzopedia, a Wiki dedicated to putting information about these documents into a searchable collaborative form. The basic idea is that we, the citizens of this country, can look at these documents and make notes about what was said or decided in them by whom to whom. If we each do a little maybe we won't go blind or die of boredom. I've started a few pages just to give folks the idea. If you have a better idea, then go ahead and try it out.

If you want to help out, just head on over and dig in.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall sums up President Bush's speech on the U.S. Attorneys thing today:

Bush: My aides may speak to Congress, as long as they don't have to tell the truth.


Bush: Nothing wrong with US Attorney firings. I'm in charge.


For those with firm control of their gag reflex, Taylor Marsh has video of the speech at her site.

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