Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Addition To The Blogroll

Image credit: I Can Has Cheezburger

The latest addition to the blogroll is I Can Has Cheezburger, also known as "Lolcats". I felt driven to add this blog after I had to search for it yet again. The accompanying picture is a sample of what's there - lots of photos of cats with humorous, if somewhat ungrammatical, captions. It's been around long enough to have developed its own mythology. There are the "invisible" jokes, where one imagines the cat is playing with some invisible object. That's not hard to do if you've been around cats very much. I've always figured that they had fantasy lives nearly as rich as their humans'. There is also a small pantheon, which consists of "Ceiling Cat", the good cat god, and "Basement Cat", who ... I'm sure you get that one.

In short, if you need a good laugh of a non-political nature, it's a good bet.


Dana Hunter said...

And for the complete political junkie, I hear they have a political section, too.


Cujo359 said...

Yes, they do.