Friday, January 23, 2009

I'd Call It A Fortuitous Omission

Over at Talking Points Memo, Eric Kleefeld writes:

At a pre-trial hearing in the Minnesota election lawsuit just now, Franken attorney Kevin Hamilton made a striking accusation: That the Coleman campaign has been doctoring evidence.

As an example, Hamilton showed two photocopies of a rejected absentee ballot envelope, one of which he said was the unaltered original, and the other taken from Coleman's legal filings in his attempts to get more of the rejected ballots opened. The Coleman copy was missing the section in which a local election official explained why it was rejected.

Franken Legal Team: Coleman Is Doctoring Evidence

Like most people, I've been wondering why Coleman's supporters, who are clearly paying a lot of money to have these ballots challenged in court, have been thinking they could win. Maybe they don't.

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