Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Apt Quote Of The Day

Image credit: CNN/Sports Illustrated

Over at NMissCommenter's blog, commenter Anderson had this to say about Sarah Palin's new occupation:

[T]he literal fact of Palin’s making $$$ from fees paid to hear her speak … well, good lord, has anyone heard this woman talk?

It’s like me quitting my job to make millions, um, playing basketball. Basketball. That’s the orange one with the funny black lines, right?

Comment: Of the many things that never occurred to me, …

I believe it is, Anderson. As I understand the rules, a basketball team has five players. You and I plus this other guy would make three. He's tall and good at something called "field goals" (aren't they worth three points?), which are both supposed to be advantages.

Now we just have to find a couple more people who are overqualified for public speaking.


Dana Hunter said...

Excuse me.

*wah ha ha ha ha ha sniffle snort hee hee that's the craziest effing thing I've ever heard ha ha sigh*

So, when are we hitting the court?

Cujo359 said...

When you find us another ringer.