Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quote Of The Day

Economist Dean Baker on the Washington Post's recent whitewashing of our economic situation:
So there you have it. Don't worry about how much money Robert Rubin and Angelo Mozilo made off the housing bubble and the difficulty that you are having finding a job, paying for your health care or your kids' education. Just be thankful that you have an iPhone.

The Average 12-Year-Old is Taller Than the Average 6-Year-Old: The Post Gets Desperate in Making the Case Against an Inequality Problem
Actually, that's just the punch line. Read the rest for a good explanation of how the press lie to us about this subject these days.

It's sad when economists and others can spend so much time telling us what our nation's premier news publications get wrong about the economy, the law, and foreign affairs. Then those publications wonder why they can't find subscribers. As a friend of mine often says, I don't need to pay people to lie to me. Plenty of folks will perform that service for free.

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