Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quote Of The Day

At FireDogLake, Jon Walker sums the result of the two conventions up pretty well today:

What should be the most concerning to [Mitt Romney's presidential] campaign about Romney’s lack of [post-convention poll] bounce is not that he is currently trailing two months out from the election, but rather what it says about the two campaigns. For three days the American people listened to what was basically a non-stop free infomercial for Romney. The Republicans were uninterrupted as they put forward their best arguments for their candidate, and the electorate simply wasn’t moved by it. On the other hand, when Democrats got their three days to make their best arguments, it clearly resonated with enough voters to make a significant difference.

Romney’s Lack of Convention Bounce Indicates His Message Just Isn’t Connecting

It really was the GOP ticket's moment to shine, and they didn't. A few months ago, I predicted that the GOP nominee would win the election (I believe I put it something like 70-30 in their favor, but I haven't found that link yet), but I hadn't reckoned with how badly they'd manage the campaign. Romney won in Massachusetts, after all.

Whatever else you can say about him, President Obama has run a good campaign thus far. He has governed badly enough to lose, and yet I'd say at this point he is in the driver's seat. Only something cataclysmic is likely to change that.

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