Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Meanwhile, There Are These Guys

No deep meaning here. Just thank Google Images. I typed "iron my shirt" and this came up. Image credit: These guys.

Via SusanUnPC at No Quarter:

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign stop was interrupted Monday when two men stood in the crowd and began screaming, "Iron my shirt!" during one of her final appearances before the New Hampshire primary.

Clinton, a former first lady running to become the nation's first female president, laughed at the seemingly sexist protest that suggested a woman's place is doing the laundry and not running the country.

Protesters ask Clinton to iron shirts

How much of a low-life dipstick do you have to be to think this is a good way to spend your afternoon? In contrast to some bits of manufactured outrage, this is an example of real sexism. There was no other point, and no way to misconstrue it. (There were also plenty of witnesses). Of all the things people are concerned about - Iraq, the economy, abortion, whatever, these guys chose to get thrown out of a room for shouting a slogan implying that a U.S. Senator should be home ironing instead of doing what she was doing. Compared to this, forgetting your shirt when you're headed to a war protest seems positively Einsteinian.

The AP article concludes:

"As I think has been abundantly demonstrated, I am also running to break through the highest and hardest glass ceiling," she said.

Clinton later joked about the incident as she invited questions.

"If there's anyone left in the auditorium who wants to learn how to iron a shirt, I'll talk about that," she said with a smile.

Protesters ask Clinton to iron shirts

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I'm no fan of the Clintons, but their enemies seem determined to change that. The Clintons always look better contrasted with the people who hate them.

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