Monday, January 28, 2008

One Of Those Good Days

Enjoy it while it lasts. This was one of the good days:

The vote on the Motion for Cloture on the 30-day extension (i.e., to proceed to a vote on it) just failed -- 48-45 (again, 60 votes are needed). All Democrats (including Clinton and Obama) voted in favor of the Motion, but no Republicans did -- not a single one. Thus, at least as of today, there will be no 30-day extension of the PAA and it will expire on Friday.

Today's FISA vote

Democracy For America, one of many groups that have been involved in the effort to stop the FISA amendment bill that gives telecomm corporations immunity and the government the right to spy on anyone without a warrant, so long as it is willing to pretend the folks it was listening to were terrorists, had this to say:

We just won an incredible last minute victory in the Senate. Senate Democrats stood up to the Bush administration and stopped telecom immunity. Here's a message Jim just sent out:

We just had a huge victory. Grassroots action forced the Senate to stop telecom immunity from passing.

Earlier today, DFA members made over 1,000 calls an hour to our Senators. And they heard our voices loud and clear.

Tonight I'll be watching President Bush give his final State of the Union. As usual, he will be fear-mongering and pushing his radical agenda on the American people.

Thanks to your work today, we flipped the vote and forced Senate Democrats to have a backbone.


Thanks for all your hard work today. Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we keep up the fight!

DFA: A Huge Victory

The Democrats in the Senate stood up and did what's right today, but some of them didn't do it out of a sense of duty. They did it because lots of folks made sure they remembered who put them where they are. Today was one of those days when we reminded ourselves that it's our country, and they just run it for us.

So, while you listen tonight to the President bloviating again about all those people out there who hate us and want to kill our families, think about the fact that we're at least a little safer from the likes of him.

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