Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Further Proof That John McCain Is Crazy

If you need any additional ammunition when you're arguing that John McCain is batshit crazy, consider this:

McCain's speech was interrupted several times by anti-Iraq war protestors, prompting McCain to restate his pledge to remain in Iraq until the U.S. achieves victory there.

"And by the way, I will never surrender in Iraq, my friends, I will never surrender in Iraq," he added.

McCain Urges Stemming Spread of Nuclear Weapons

Video here.

I'll let Patrick Lang do the honors:

What the hell is he talking about? Surrender to whom? To Al-Qa'ida? (alkayda) They have been beaten to a pulp by the Sunni rising against them and Patraeus' new-old tactics. McCain would have to find Al-Qa'ida before he could surrender to them and then everyone else in the country would have to go along with the idea. This is unlikely. Surrender to Muqtada al-Sadr? Have I missed something? "Mooky" is now the leading Shia factional leader in the country? I guess you never know... Maybe the Mahdi has anointed him. Surrender to Maliki and actually let him run the country? I have had a couple of people (American) say to me recently things that reflect a reflexive idea that we are going to "call the shots" in Iraq indefinitely. Is that what McCain means?

"I will never surrender in Iraq! Never! Never!" McCain

Of course, we've been hearing and reading variations of this insane theme from the current administration, so stuff like this almost gets lost in the noise. Still, as Col. Lang points out, there are so many absurdities implicit in this declaration of McCain's that it really does deserve a special place in our Presidential political rhetoric.

It makes the goofiest things Clinton and Obama have said seem positively scholarly.

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