Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eric Massa Thanks Hillary Clinton

Image credit: Massa For Congress. Reduced by Cujo359

Today I received an e-mail from Slobber And Spittle Blue candidate Eric Massa's campaign. It was entitled "An Open Letter to Senator Clinton", so I feel no compunctions about reproducing it here:

Dear Senator Clinton,

It was with an incredible sense of pride that I watched you speak to the American people today in such unequivocal terms in support of Senator Obama. As a friend and fellow New Yorker, your campaign has been an inspiration to me, and I was proud to have stood with you as you sought to represent all of us on the Presidential campaign trail. I join you in your call for unity, and I thank you for a truly inspiring race.

As you stated today, "Yes We Can" make the remarkable events of the past months seem unremarkable to future generations. The leadership that you have always demonstrated in the face of adversity has encouraged millions, and has inspired untold numbers to seek to serve our nation in countless ways. Your call for equality and unity is precisely the message that we need to usher in a new era in American politics.

While you spent considerable time in your speech graciously thanking your supporters and the American people, it is the American people--regardless of political affiliation, gender, race, or age--who should thank you. Your tireless service to our country now and in the future has made our nation stronger and our lives better. There will always be those who will criticize the warrior in the fight without taking up arms themselves. These are to be ignored. For as a Commanding Officer of mine once wrote, "It is the essence of the fighter, and not the critic, that will change the future." On behalf of all the New Yorkers in the 29th Congressional District who have and will benefit from your leadership, thank you.

I know, as you said today, that you will remain on the front lines of democracy fighting for the future. Be assured that you will always find me there along side you, with all of the energy, passion, and strength that you have inspired in so many.

With Deepest Admiration,

[signature image of Eric Massa]

I'll add a link if I find an official version at his website.

This letter is a sign of the class that earned Massa a place in the SnS Blue list. That he appreciates people who try to do things, rather than just complaining about them, is obvious. That's the sort of person we need in Congress.

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