Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr. Karl Rove Requests Your Help

I have no idea where this really came from, but I it certainly made my day. Someone sent this e-mail to my real world altar ego:

Dear Friend,

My name is Mr Karl Rove, I am the personal adviser to President George Bush(President of the united state of America). I am so sorry for contacting you in this manner, due to the fact that my discussion with you is a matter of urgency, I decided to search for your email contact over the internet by contacting the Microsoft search team. The reason why i am contacting, you is in regards to the $499,000,000.00 (Four hundred and ninety nine million dollars) that was Deposited in a bank by President George bush in a foreign bank in the year 2000 while i was the director of finance at the BANK OF AMERICA(BOA). I was appointed as one of the special adviser on financial matter to President George Bush in the year 2004. I gave Mr. president the advice that we should look for a means to get the funds from the bank Due to the fact that Mr. Barrack Oboma has won the primaries in the just concluded primary election, it is obvious that he will be the next president of the united state of America. And as a Blackman in power, all Mr. Bush wealth will be investigated to prove the white wrong that the black are better than then. Thus i will like to seek for your assistant in moving this funds from the bank before the change of power. I know this is a huge amount of money that we are entrusting on you, and most bank will ask alot of question on where this funds are coming from. You do not have to worry as Our lawyer will be given you some document in that regards. Also I want to let you know that this project is capital intensive, as all expenses in transferring this funds, will be paid by you. We have also decided to give you 20% of this funds and any money you spend in making sure that the transfer of the funds to you is successful. I want you to send me the bellow information if you are willingly to help us in transferring this funds. I do not want you to take this mail as one of the usual mail that you receive over the internet, so i want you to treat this mail with respect.

(3) AGE
(6) cell phone number

Also all more information's will be given to you as soon as i receive your

You can contact me on my private email Thank you so much for your time and understanding.

Mr Karl Rove

Thank you, anonymous prankster, wherever you are. You brought a little laughter on a day that really needed some.

As a public service, not to mention eliminating the possibility that someone will be fool enough to believe this note and answer, and then try to sue me - it's a (fake) scam, based on the Nigerian scam.


Dana Hunter said...

It's a sad commentary on our country's ability to think that you had to put that warning down at the bottom, there.

What's even sadder is the fact that I wouldn't put something like a phishing scam past Karl Rove...

Cujo359 said...

That's why I was laughing when I read this. Rove's the ultimate flim-flam artist. He wouldn't be stupid enough to do the job so badly, but there's no reason to think he hasn't given such a scam a try.

It's good satire, although it will quickly become dated.