Monday, August 24, 2009

I R Cmptr Xprt

This is why I try to avoid helping people with their computers:

Image credit: xkcd

There are so many different hardware and software products and processes out there that it's impossible to keep on top of them all. While I can sometimes help people who are having trouble with Microsoft Windows, it usually works so differently from the operating systems I'm used to that I'm left there scratching my head right along with the person I'm "assisting". Knowing the current state of development can be difficult, particularly since different kinds of software have different ways of disseminating that information. There could have been a fix for the thing you're dealing with last week or last year, and you might not know it, and you might not be able to find out if there is, either.

So, here it is folks, your very own general purpose computer troubleshooting flowchart. Now, snatch the pebble from my hand and get out of here.

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