Friday, August 14, 2009

"We Resign In Disgrace" - Fat Chance

The Columbia Journalism Review wrote a scathing editorial concerning the Investors Business Daily's editorial on health care that I remarked on a couple of days ago:

It has removed the Hawking reference from the story (even, apparently, in Factiva, which doesn’t have it either), but short-arms the correction, which should have read something like: “This version corrects the original editorial which falsely implied that physicist Stephen Hawking would be dead as a doornail if he lived in the UK and had to use the National Health. Hawking has lived in the UK his entire life, and as of press time, is still alive.

In my dream world they’d also tack on an “Also, this basically kills the premise of our entire editorial, which never should have been written. We resign in disgrace.”

Investor’s Business Daily Short-Arms Correction

As I've observed before, you have to have a conscience to feel shame. Thankfully for the future employment prospects of IBD's editorialists, that isn't a handicap they suffer from.


libhom said...

IBD is such a joke.

Cujo359 said...

So it would seem. I've never read anything of theirs before, and this is certainly an inauspicious introduction.