Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Delicious Smackdown

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There's a reason Just An Earthbound Misfit is on my blog roll, and it's not because I'm on hers. She has the kind of mind that can come up with questions like this one for the morons who believe in the Mayan calender silliness:
If You Think That the World Will End in 2012...

... what are you doing reading this blog[?] Or any blog.

Seriously. If you believe that "Mayan calendar says the Universe will end on December 21, 2012" claptrap, why are you still going to work? Why don't you quit your job, sell your house and all of your shit to those of us who don't believe that guff and go work on your bucket list?

If you really think that there are 697 days left until the world ends, why are you putting up with this guy every day at work?

If You Think That the World Will End in 2012...
I get a chuckle sometimes imagining what a Mayan astronomer would say to these people if he could have been brought here in a time machine. It would probably go along these lines:

"Hey, we figured if it worked for two thousand years, fixing it wasn't our problem. You've had all this time. What are you, idiots or something?"

I once wrote a program that I knew wouldn't work after 2035, and delivered it that way. I wrote a comment in it to the effect that if anyone was still using it by then, they should fix it. Really, some things are too far off to worry about (see Note 1).

Why is that so difficult to understand?

NOTE 1: In the meantime, they fixed the system function that was causing the problem. So there.

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