Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yet Another Sign Of The Spring

Today's high was just shy of 60° Fahrenheit, and baseball season is almost upon us. At Celebration Park, in Federal Way, Washington, they were smoothing out the dirt on the infields today, and mowing the grass:

Of course, as I wrote a year and a half ago, I'm becoming less interested in baseball as time goes on. It's a fun game to watch, but you need either cable television or proprietary (and somewhat unreliable) software to watch the professional version these days. Yes, the Phillies are saying they have the best pitching rotation in baseball now that Cliff Lee is back. Some might observe that the starting rotation wasn't the big problem last year, which was mostly that the batters couldn't hit their weight. That person might also observe that back in 2009, when they had both Lee and Pedro Martinez pitching for them, they still couldn't win the World Series, so maybe they have bigger problems than Cliff Lee can fix. Or he might observe that now that Jason Werth, their one right-handed power hitter, is gone, they might have even more to worry about in their half of the inning unless Ryan Howard continues to refine his concept of what the strike zone is.

But that would be someone else talking - someone who was paying more attention than I am.

Click the photo to enlarge. Have a good day.

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