Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not This Year

Caption: San Francisco relief pitcher Bryan Wilson strikes out Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard to end the National League Championship Series (NLCS).

Image credit: Screenshot of Fox Sports broadcast by Cujo359

The San Francisco Giants won the National League pennant tonight, beating the Philadelphia Phillies 3 - 2. This has been an exciting series, with all the games decided by a run or two. Neither team has anything to be ashamed of.

The Phillies' power hitters were largely ineffective during the series, as they had been during much of the season. For the Phils to come back next year, it seems obvious that they'll have to do something to correct that. If it weren't for the excellent pitching, this series might have ended two games ago.

While it's sad for a Phillies fan, San Francisco's win means that they will play the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Neither team has been to the Series lately, in fact, I don't remember the Rangers ever being there. So, whoever wins this year, baseball fans can't yawn and say "Again?"

Congratulations to the Giants, and thanks to the Phillies for a great series.


One Fly said...

I always like it when the other guys get to play instead of the samo.

Cujo359 said...

Nothing bores me more in baseball than seeing the same teams in the Series year after year. Everyone should get to go once in a while.