Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quote Of The Day

Taylor Marsh, discussing the 2012 Presidential election and the two sorry excuses for leaders we're expected to choose from:

Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, neither leader representing the big two parties is revealing a burning joy and sense of purpose to his candidacy.

Is It Over Yet?

There's not a lot of analysis there, but as understatements go, it's world class. Awhile back, I wrote an article entitled "2012: Dueling Cults Of Personality? ", in which I posited that this was likely to be a campaign in which reality, at least the reality that anyone us out here in the Land Beyond The Beltway recognizes, will make only brief and uncomfortable appearances. So far, that seems to be true.

And yes, I am just glad I watch most of what television I watch on a DVR. Commercial skip may rank right up there with compiling census data as one of the greatest gifts computing has given to mankind.


Expat said...

This promises to be one of the closest elections of the modern era; the vote: 52% to 51.9%.

Cujo359 said...

2000 was pretty close, about 0.2 percent, as I recall. This may be as well, for similar reasons. I'm once again emphatically uninterested in either candidate.