Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Wasteful Government Effort

Yes, Hurricane Isaac has passed, but I cropped this photo to be the right size for Blogger and a wide computer monitor, so here it is:

Image credit: NASA photo edited by Cujo359.

While Republicans were getting ready to tell us about what rugged individualists they all are and how they don't depend on no government for nuthin', NASA and NOAA were tracking hurricanes and warning people about the dangers. The Army Corps of Engineers was analyzing how badly things would go for a given storm surge. Yet somehow, government is the problem, at least to some folks.

I'd say arrogance and the stupidity it engenders has more to do with our problems lately, but then I'm just listening to what these folks tell me they believe. Maybe their willingness to capitalize on other peoples' arrogance and stupidity is the problem.

Click on the image to get the full sized wallpaper I created. Go to the image credit link to see larger sized images.

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