Thursday, January 31, 2013

Into Or into

Some days, xkcd outdoes itself:

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Yes, lampooning Wikipedia discussions and Star Trek fans in one go isn't easy, but xkcd managed.

For my part, I wasn't even aware that a title had been decided on for this latest Trek movie, much less that it had a Wikipedia page, or when it might be opening. I made a passing reference to the last one in a review I wrote of District 9 a few years ago, which was about all it deserved. Frankly, the phrase "mindless explosion fest" is as much a review as I could give it without having to remember the sordid details.

So, no, this one isn't on my must-see list, either. It strikes me that the last one was a sad end to what once was a thoughtful television series, and I can't imagine being subjected to one more death rattle from the old corpse.

Still, the thought of a bunch of Trekkies arguing over a stylistic choice is an amusing thought, and no doubt not far enough from the truth to not be a little sad, too.

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