Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Photo(s)

Since I mentioned the other day that I had been trying to photograph an airplane passing overhead, I figured I'd share a few that I have managed to capture with the new camera. Federal Way is right underneath the approach to Sea-Tac Airport's runways, so most days we can see airliners taking off or landing. Since the new camera has a big zoom lens and is much more sensitive to light than the old one, I often try to take pictures of them now.

I'm sure I'll get over it eventually...

On the day that the world was going to end, I noticed that American Airlines decided to keep flying their 737s:

And Virgin Air decided they'd keep flying their Airbuses:

My favorite subjects are 747s. They take long, slow approaches to land, as this British Airways 747-400 was doing a week or so ago:

On another day I saw this Korean Airlines cargo 747 taking off and heading out across the Pacific:

While on the BPA Trail one day I happened to see this plane belonging to some mysterious airline that has its own airport:

They paint their aircraft a dull gray. I guess some folks just aren't into ostentatious displays.

As always, click on the pictures to see them full size. Have a good Sunday.

Afterword: For those wondering, that last aircraft is an Air Force C-17 landing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (formerly McChord Air Force Base).

UPDATE: Oops. It's tough to tell those Boeing aircraft apart sometimes. That first airplane is a 737 (note the exposed main wheels, a distinctive spotting feature). I had originally assumed it was a 777, since that aircraft has roughly the same proportions.


One Fly said...

You can see these planes very well. What did you buy Cujo? I'm thinking of maybe getting another camera.

Cujo359 said...

It's a Canon SX-260 HS, One Fly. There's a link to a review of it from that second link ("a new camera"). It's a model that's nearing the end of its sales cycle, so you can probably find a good deal, if you can manage to find that model somewhere.

One Fly said...

Thanks for that Cujo!