Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twitter Message Of The Day

Anyone who has read this old post of mine can understand why I liked this:

Twitter Message by @Whoozley

That's how freedom works - you get to have your religion, and I get to tell you what's wrong with it. In other words, we both have to put up with something we'd rather not, but we both get to do what we want. Religion should be criticized and even mocked when it violates logic, human decency, or our high water mark for irony.

Right now, in Russia, there are two young women serving terms of hard labor for, supposedly, mocking religion. The health of one may be in danger. I'd suggest that if you feel that your religion is above mockery, that you move there.


Expat said...

Thanks for the post.
Some things need voicing more often …
… and balance can be good.

Cujo359 said...

You're welcome. I just think that religion should be on par with every other human endeavor. Putting it on a pedestal where it can't be criticized leads to exactly the sort of thing that happened in Russia with PR.