Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Climate Change Update: March 19, 2013

The measurements are in, the science done. Here's photographic proof:

Image credit: All photos taken and processed by Cujo359

Our crack climate science team (see NOTE 1) have determined to within a few days the time that blooms appeared on the world famous (see NOTE 2) Climate Change Cherry Tree (CCCT). It turns out this event occurred about when it usually does, which is just a couple of days ago (see NOTE 3). We've even taken independent measurements that verify this finding:

Yes, all the other cherry trees in the same parking lot are starting to bloom:

There's still snow on Mt. Rainier:

We're not sure what's going on on the Moon right now, but with the Sun clearly shining on only half of it, it's probably pretty cold there, too (see NOTE 4):

Which also serves as extra proof that all these photos were taken on March 18.

So, scientifically and with absolutely no bias, we've determined that once again, there's no climate change this year. In fact, we might even be cooling off a bit, despite what all those silly folks at NASA and NOAA with all their "scientific data" say. After all, what do they know? We know positively that the CCCT was blooming a week earlier two years ago, and a month earlier in 2010.

To aid in validating the data, we've implemented a special feature, so that when you click on the pictures, they get bigger. Please use this feature carefully, as it has been known to cause vertigo in laboratory animals.

UPDATE: Changed the time period of when the blooms happened in 2010 to "a month earlier", which is more accurate, even though February is a really short month.

NOTE 1: OK, it was just me, actually. Credentials? You're asking an Internet persona named after a rabid animal for credentials?

NOTE 2: Well, it would be if more people read this blog...

NOTE 3: Don't believe us? Here's what the CCCT looked like on March 13:

See? No blooms yet. And you thought we couldn't do science just as well as all those liberals at the United Nations!

NOTE 4:Yes, I know that the Sun is shining on the same portion of the Moon at all times. Some folks think that only what happens directly within their own sight, or within the sight of their favorite Fox News personalities is actually real, and everything else is part of the Great International Climate Science Conspiracy To Scare The Pants Off Of Us. If you're still having trouble figuring out what I mean, please turn off Fox (or MSNBC) and find some real news somewhere.

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