Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Photo(s)

It was a beautiful day around the Puget Sound, so I took another trip down to Redondo:

Image credit: All photos by Cujo359

There was lots of sunshine and scenery:

As usual, there were divers:

There were seagulls, of course:

A brother was doing his best to keep his pack of young humans out of trouble:

This guy was busy fishing, as were a few humans:

The day didn't go so well for some. I think these should have been thrown back, if that yardstick is to be believed:

Ships sailed into and out of Commencement Bay:

And best of all, I spent some time not arguing with fools on the Internet. I think I'm going to try to add more of that last activity to my schedule from now on.

Hope your Sunday was at least that good. As always, click on the photos to enlarge.


One Fly said...

You're new camera is taking better pictures for sure it seems and they are enhanced because that stupid Lightbox thing is not enabled and a viewer can make them bigger.

I was actually a bit chilly here in Costa Rica yesterday and am glad the sun is out in force this morning.

Cujo359 said...

Sometimes the old camera could take good pictures under these conditions, but spots on the lens seemed to be most noticeable under the same conditions. Made for some very frustrating photo sessions.

I was looking at photos of spring training games yesterday, and it looks like they were playing in cold weather, too. Not butt-ass freezing, mind you, but colder than one would hope for early March.

Glad to see you made it back to CR.

One Fly said...

I'm glad I came back too Cujo. Even the morning I left I was not sure and I have been treated a couple times here. I get back to Denver noon on this 28th. There will be adjustments to make mostly to do with eating food with little taste.