Monday, November 10, 2008

An Interesting Online Petition

Image credit: Screenshot of SEIU online petition map by Cujo359

It's more of a map, really. Taylor Marsh explains:

Health care is a major financial issue for every family in America. It was a top priority for voters in this election. It crossed every political aisle.

SEIU has put together a map that allows you to sign on to a nation wide movement to send a message to President-elect Obama. "Health Care Now" is the slogan. It is meant to remind the incoming administration of the importance of doing something concrete on national health care.

Take a moment to sign the map and send a message. President-elect Obama needs to hear from all of us, no matter what side of the aisle you sit.

Sending A Message on Health Care

No need to restate what Taylor said just fine.

I haven't written a whole lot about health care, but affordable, universal access to health care has to be a priority and soon. We can't allow our health care system to shrink to the size where it can only support the two thirds of the country who still have adequate health insurance.

If you haven't signed the Avaaz petition on human rights, please stop by there before you leave.

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