Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Case You Hadn't Heard

Over at FireDogLake, there's an online petition to Congress demanding that before any more money is obligated to help the banks, that we know where that money goes. Jane Hamsher provides a summary of why that's important today:

Geithner seems to share that assumption, namely that there is nothing wrong with this system that piles of money won't fix. That if you keep shoveling cash into it, some day things will get better. He has not addressed the crisis of public trust, the critical lack of faith that everyone -- both inside and out of the financial industry -- is gripped with right now. He wants to pay the very bankers who created this mess in order to buy up "toxic assets," which the public views as just another way for him to funnel billions to his Wall Street pals. As if the systemic problems that led to this crisis will just go away and the same thing won't happen all over again.

Great Idea, Let’s Let AIG Thieves Blackmail Everyone

After the last eight years of nonstop corruption and graft, trust doesn't come easily. Nor should it.

So, please sign the petition before 10AM Eastern time tomorrow, before it's delivered to Barney Frank and the House Financial Services Committee.


Dana Hunter said...

Signed and sealed.

Cujo359 said...

Thanks. According to the Sitemeter, I've had at least a couple of others. Makes me glad I added this.