Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quote Of The Day

From Earth Bound Misfit, a classic quote on the Republicans' efforts on health care reform:

If this is the level of deep thought and real-world concern that the Hoover Party is bringing to the debate on health care, then they are as "willing to work with President Obama" as rust is willing to work with an engine.

Crack-Smoking-Level Stupid

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Most of the "debate" on this issue seems to be at about this level. Does anyone in his right mind think that we aren't already living with the worst consequences of a bureaucratic, unresponsive health care system? Fifty million of us have no health care at all, and another 50 million or so don't have health care coverage that's adequate. That's nearly a third of the country that are either partially or completely out of the system. Most of the other two-thirds who aren't legislators or government executives have to fight with insurance companies to get them to pay on time, or to pay at all for health care services they need.

Anyone who thinks this is a good system that just needs a little tweaking is either insane or someone the insurance companies wouldn't dare screw over.

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