Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Tip For Aspiring Authors

For all you aspiring authors out there who happened to get lost and ended up here, I offer this bit of sage advice: Don't allow PZ Myers to be trapped with your book on an airplane for the better part of a day. At least, don't do it if your book isn't all that good:

So I was in New York the other day, and was offered a copy of Eagleton's book, and took the first step in my imminent doom by accepting it. Then I tried to fly home on Saturday, one of those flights that was plagued with mechanical errors that caused delays and long stretches locked in a tin can, and also flights that were packed tightly with travelers…so crammed with people that they actually took my computer and book bag away from me to pack in the cargo hold, and I had to quickly snatch something to read before the baggage handlers took it away. I grabbed the Eagleton book. Thus was my fate sealed.

I was trapped in a plane for 8 hours with nothing to read but Eagleton and the Sky Mall catalog.

This is an account of my day of misery.

The Eagleton Delusion

Especially don't do this if you decide you want to discuss Clint Eastwood's views on feminism.

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