Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phillies Win Again

Image credit: Chris McGrath/Getty Images - reduced to half size by Cujo359

For the first time in their hundred-plus year history, the Philadelphia Phillies have won the National League championship for the second year in a row, and will be going to the World Series. At the moment, it looks like they'll be facing the New York Yankees. The last time they did that was in 1950. It didn't go very well.

Let's hope this time is different.

Despite the score, it wasn't an easy win. Starting pitcher Cole Hamels ran out of gas in the fifth innning, and J.A. Happ and Chan Ho Park both had problems in relief. The Dodgers' pitching just had a worse time of it, and that was the reason for the score. The Phillies have what may be the most powerful lineup in baseball this year, and it doesn't take much going wrong for the score to look lopsided. First baseman (and NLCS Most Valuable Player) Ryan Howard has been hot lately, batting .355 in the post-season.

Hey, maybe I'll finally get to see them on TV.


Dusty said...

The Dodgers and Phil's both had eight hits..

The Phil's evidently made better use of their's.

I am still hoping the Angels will be going to the WS..but it doesn't look good at this point.

Dana Hunter said...

Go Phillies!

Amy said...

I was rooting for the Dodgers, but Congratulations to the Phillies and I hope they win the world series.

Cujo359 said...

Sadly, no Dusty, it looks like the Yankees have finally gotten it back together after losing Joe Torre.

Several of the Phillies' hits were home runs. That might be one reason. They also got those hits with lots of baserunners. The Dodgers had a tough time finding the strike zone.

Thanks, Amy. Better luck next time.