Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Return of Stupid Web Pages

We haven't had an installment of "Stupid Web Pages" in quite a while. Today, the Republican National Committee, with the launch of their new GOP.com website, has provided us with an opportunity. Here's what their front page looks like without JavaScript turned on:

Here's a question you can't answer from this graphic, assuming you can't read the small print at the top, Where am I?

If there's one thing we've learned today, it's that the first thing any politician will make sure is functional is the DONATE button.

Like most first timers, I'm sure the GOP hired their idiot nephews to run the site. Eventually, they'll figure out that you really have to hire professionals. Speaking of which, here's what you see if you happen to get to their "Future GOP Leaders" page, according to Talking Points Memo:

This, at least, is truth in advertising.

UPDATE: Via Steve Benen, here's Marc Ambinder's list of reasons why GOP.com sucks:

10. In a section devoted to "future leaders," there were none.

9. In the subsequent rush to get up a "future leaders" page, they choose "you."

8. The last GOP accomplishment cited on the accomplishment page was from 2004.

7. The what's up page -- hip! starts with this sentence: "the internet has been around for a while now"

6. Administrator passwords were accidentally posted.

5. When the RNC hosted a kick-off conference call, the website was down.

4. The website cites Jackie Robinson as a GOP hero. Robinson wasn't a GOPer, and he criticized the GOP on race.

3. The first question on the conference call was from an Hispanic Republican who asked why the GOP site didn't have a Spanish-language page and noted that the White House had one.

2. Bragging about web redesigns is so 2004.

1. It's not timed with the start of any major advocacy campaign -- or political campaign. And it portrays itself as something it's not: diverse and ready to embrace new ideas. That may be what the party leadership aspires to, but, at least when it comes to diversity, a few pictures of Hispanics and African Americans doesn't make up for ... well, the history of the party.

Top Ten Reasons Why The GOP Website Relaunch Is Fizzlin'

I think nothing more needs to be said.

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