Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heavy Sigh

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Steve Benen writes:

That was odd, wasn't it? The disconnect makes it seem as if GOP talking points are lacking in flexibility, unable to adapt to changing circumstances. When the economy was losing jobs every month, Boehner would say, "Where are the jobs?" Now that the economy has added more than 200,000 jobs in two consecutive months for the first time in four years, Boehner is still saying, "Where are the jobs?" It suggests the would-be Speaker isn't paying attention to current events very well.

When The Economy Interferes With An Election Strategy

While I agree that Boehner's point was specious, I think that he'll only need to wait a few months for it to be timely again. The stimulus was never big enough to produce real growth in the economy. Analysts like Ian Welsh expected an employment surge in the Spring, and it looks like we're getting it. Soon, the lack of any real fundamental change in the problems this economy faces will catch up with us, though, and we'll return to the downward progress we've been used to.

The only question is whether it will happen in time for the elections.

On the whole, Boehner's rhetorical approach isn't any more ridiculous than the Democratic Party calling itself "the party of results". Unless, of course, failure to fix the problems with the economy, our descent into government lawlessness, the wars we're in, and health care when they had an overwhelming majority is a result the Democrats feel proud of.

These days, party loyalty is demonstrated on the basis of which fantasy you're willing to embrace.

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