Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

It's May Day, which in many parts of the world signifies the real start of warm weather and the approach of summer. Of course, the warm weather has been arriving earlier lately, but this is still a day to ponder questions like "what do I put in the back flower bed?" For inspiration on that account, here's a photo I took at the Rhododendron Species Garden in Federal Way, Washington:
Image credit: Cujo359

To me, rhodies are synonymous with spring. Most bloom anywhere from mid-April through June. This photo was taken a week ago. It is, according to the little sign, rhododendron concinnum, from southwest China.

If that doesn't satisfy your lust for spring flowers, there are more at Dana Hunter's blog, and there will be more tomorrow.

Have a good May Day.

UPDATE: It's also Boukman70's birthday.


Dana Hunter said...

We likes the purple ones. ;-)

Happy May Day to you, too, Cujo!

Cujo359 said...

Why, thank you.