Friday, February 4, 2011

Football's Almost Over, 2011 Edition

Caption: How some folks will be dressing this Sunday. I will not be among them. My Steelers jersey is at the cleaners.

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As I mentioned the last time I cared enough about this subject to write a post, neither of my "home" teams will be in the Super Bowl this year. I put "home" in quotes for two reasons. The first is that one of them is all the way across the country from where I live. The other hasn't really been a team I've followed for many years. And, thanks to the far away "home" team's hiring someone who seems to think that torturing animals is a fun thing to do, I'm not likely to be following them, either. Plus, we seem to spend way too much money supporting professional sports these days, and I don't want to add to that any more than I already have.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing the Green Bay Packers in Dallas for the championship. It's a good thing they're playing in Dallas, I think, because if they were playing in either Green Bay or Pittsburgh, they'd be running the risk of being snowed in. provides the basic information you need, which was nowhere I could find on the NFL's website that's supposedly devoted to the game:
The 2011 Super Bowl XLV (45) is scheduled to be played on Sunday February 6, 2011, at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The game is between the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Green Bay Packers.

The official broadcast starts at 6 p.m. Eastern Time, but (judging from past years) kickoff will be slightly after 6:30 p.m.

In the US:
Super Bowl XLV (45) will be hosted by FOX

What is the date for Super Bowl 2011?
That's 3PM Pacific time, just in case you don't live on the East Coast. If you're in the middle of the country, you'll have to work out for yourself what time that will be, but I suspect you're used to that by now.

A close relative of mine is a Steelers fan, so I'll be tuning in for at least part of the game. If it's interesting, I may even stick around for the end of it. Who knows.

UPDATE: Incidentally, if you happen to be in the United Kingdom on Sunday, you can watch the game on BBC One. It will be on kind of late, though.

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