Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Interesting Rant By Dylan Ratigan

Watch this one before Ratigan is ushered out of MSNBC:

I can't imagine the financial institutions that own and sponsor MSNBC are going to allow this kind of talk for too long.

To say I agree with him is an understatement. We are in the grip of one of the worst robber baron economies in our country's history. National politics has always been a rich man's game here, but it used to be that the rest of the country counted for something. I don't think that's true right now.

All the people who tell me that things will be worse if the Republicans are back in power are smoking a substance I wish I could still partake in. Neither party gives a crap about the poor or the middle class right now, because progressives don't want to make them. Until they do, until they decide to break one of the parties and either reform or replace it, nothing will change for the better.

Ratigan is right, they've poured more than $15 trillion into this corrupt and unreformed financial system, and it's the same as it was. Both parties did this, and hardly anyone in Congress or the DC press objected.

So, to all the people who say that things will be worse with Republicans in power, when the surest way to get telecomm immunity passed, to restrict access to abortions, to start chipping away at Social Security, and to start gutting Medicare and Medicaid is to put Democrats in charge of things, I say this - you come up with a better plan than breaking the power of this corrupt and useless Democratic Party. If you can't, then don't tell me that I'm reckless or stupid for proposing that this is what needs to be done. There's no room in America for two right wing, corporatist parties when things are this bad, and hope isn't a plan.

The floor is yours, but I'm not feeling terribly patient.


lawguy said...

Now, now, don't you understand that the president really doesn't have that much power? Also, the majority party in congress really has no power either. It is only the minority party that has the power unless the minority party is democratic, then the minority party has no power.

So the democrats really do want to do something, but they can't, but if you don't vote them back in then things will be really bad.

I hope I've explained this clearly to you.

Cujo359 said...

It's amazing that I was ever confused...