Monday, August 29, 2011

One Ringy Dingy...

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The phone rang today at a not terribly inconvenient time, and the caller ID said the call was from the 202 area code. In my life lately, that means some Republican or other is calling to ask for money or to run a push poll on me. I don't know which of the many wise-asses in my circle of acquaintances did it, but somehow they seem to have gotten me signed up as being a died-in-the-wool conservative.

It used to be that this was a reason to avoid picking up the phone, but I'm a big fan of irony, and there's no shortage of that in politics these days. Take the conversation I had when I picked up the phone:

Caller: I'm [insert real name here] from the Republican Party. How are you?

[They always ask how we are. If I say that I'm becoming suicidal thanks to being a shut-in now that they've decided that we need to starve all our governments of money to let the markets run free, and services are breaking down, do you suppose they'd even notice?]

Me: Umm, OK.

Caller: I'm sure you must be very alarmed at the way President Obama is handling the economy.

Me: Yes, I am, largely because he's doing exactly what you'd be doing if you were running things.

Caller: Umm, what do you...

Of course, I hung up at that point, because there's really no point in arguing with idiots. Still, it's a lot better than talking to Democrats these days.

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