Friday, August 12, 2011

Profiles In Fierce Advocacy: Let's Soak The Rich Sigh A Lot

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From NPR White House reporter Ari Shapiro comes this little gem from President Obama's latest press conference:
NORRIS: So a lot of finger wagging all around, but what about at the White House? Did they, too, point fingers?

SHAPIRO: It was striking how far they went to try not to point fingers. As a matter of fact, just before the president began speaking today, I was able to see the printed text of his comments on the teleprompter, and I watched a last minute edit that may give some insight. One passage of the speech referred to asking for sacrifice from those who can most afford to pay their fair share. And as I was looking at the teleprompter, the phrase wealthy Americans and corporations was highlighted and deleted from the text.

On Economy, Obama Calls For Confidence, Action

Apparently, some speech writer forgot who he was working for for a moment.

(h/t lambert at Corrente)

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