Thursday, July 5, 2012

Greenwald Discussses Wall Street Fraud

Glenn Greenwald discusses why there continues to be fraud on Wall Street, and why the government has not done anything about it:

It's hard to think of anything to add, other than that if you've been visiting here long enough, you've read a lot of those points right here. It's clear that there is no problem understanding what's going on, provided you don't have any reasons to lie to yourself.

The basic issue of our two-tiered justice system is one you can read more about at Glenn's site, but this particular aspect of it, the massive fraud that has only resulted in generally meaningless fines for the institutions that committed it, is something that we should keep talking about. It's at the heart of what's wrong with America these days, both from an economic and legal perspective.


Paul Sunstone said...

The failure of our judicial system to prosecute the criminals that brought about the recession sickens me. I can think of few things that more drain me of hope for our country.

Cujo359 said...

And yet, it's not hard to find people who wonder what we're all upset about.